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Who are we ?

IDETIC SS2L is a Free Software Service Company (SS2L).

IDETIC SS2L has been in existense for over 10 years, we are computer based solutions on free software.

IDETIC-SS2L is a human-sized structure that federates a network of experts specialized in different software.

Our history

Idetic SS2L was founded by Jean-François Ferraille, author of Free Software and local community, Territorial Editions (2008) and co-author of the book Conducting an open source project library, Editions Cercle de la Librairie (2007). Jean-François Ferraille also gives courses at the National School of Charters, for several years, on open source software.

Our vision

Why do we favor open-source software? Present today in very sensitive areas, open source software has proven to be a viable alternative to proprietary software. Many benefits are offered by the use of such programs.
Here are a few : … Read more

  • An ecological gesture
  • Undeniable economic benefits
  • Greater economic freedom
  • Better cost control
  • An innovation factor at the service of companies
  • Unprecedented social benefits
  • A sharing and learning tool

Our Solutions

User relationship management

Lutece framework

Computer Management

Free Software Management Software: GLPI

Office Suite / Cloud

Online Office Suite: OnlyOffice — Document Sharing: OwnCloud

Intranet / Collaborative

Instant messaging, VoIP communication, connected objects: Matrix, Wekan


Business Management System: Dolibarr, Odoo


Learning platform: Moodle, Chamilo

Management of Digital Public Space

Open-Source Multimedia Public Space Manager: AFI-Multimedia

Documentary Informatics

Free and community documentary portal: Bokeh


Library Management System: Koha, Pmb, AFI-Nanook


Website Creation: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Typo3

Our Services

Assistance & Advice

Accompanying companies in their transition to free software


Specialization in free software and open formats


We offer diverse training on free software

Integration & Migration

Migration to free software, integration of free software


Professional hosting packages at low prices


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